What Experts Say

Hong Kong needs to join the space race
by Prudence Lui

Hotels count as Hong Kong's greatest assets alongside iconic exhibition centres in attracting top events and discerning delegates. This dream combination, however, can fall prey to its own success...

Tips on China gatherings
by Cary Chiu

Manage the expectations of participants when planning. What they would like to experience (carnival-style events or culture) relates to destination. Group sizes matter. Large delegations may have...

Industry at the crossroads
by Prudence Lui

The Mice industry will suffer if training and career development continue to lag behind the rapid development of new venues and destinations, industry professionals say.

Ways to save the planet
by Prudence Lui, Doris Lam

Use natural light if it is available at venues. Instead of putting ballrooms on the basement floor, some hotels have their function rooms set above ground level and are designed with a glass wall...

Get ready for dinner
by Prudence Lui

Event planner Robert Rogers shares tips on creating memorable dining. Design the event for the guests. Imagine the event from the guests' perspective, starting with the invitation. Where will they...